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NJ Project Related Work


New Jersey Project Related Work

  • Conducted an environmental assessment of the interior and exterior of a complex manufacturing site in New Jersey, including soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analysis; and surveys for mercury, radiation, PCBs and asbestos-containing materials. Establish criteria for and implemented pilot scale mercury remediation project. Supervised asbestos, mercury and soil remediation, including health and safety, and compliance monitoring of contractors' actions and crews. Prepared progress and compliance reports to the NJDEP.
  • Conducted an environmental site assessment for a lighting manufacturing facility in New Jersey. Scope of work included soil and groundwater sampling and laboratory analysis; surveys for mercury, PCBs and asbestos-containing materials; and testing for leaking underground storage tanks. Supervised or assisted in the preparation of specifications, selection of contractors, supervision of remediation including tank removals, soil cleanup, mercury removal from floor drains and sanitary sewer lines, and asbestos removals, performed compliance sampling and monitoring and issued reports to the NJDEP.
  • Conducted the initial environmental assessment of a New Jersey manufacturing facility and prepared the ECRA/ISRA Sampling and Analysis Plan. Conducted sampling for decontamination/decommissioning in areas of suspected petroleum hydrocarbons, PCB, mercury and asbestos contamination. Prepared remediation specifications and solicited contractor bids for remediation of the contamination.
  • Conducted an ECRA/ISRA investigation and remediation at a New Jersey chemical manufacturing site. Prepared and implemented the Remedial Investigation Plan, which included abatement of asbestos-containing building materials, in-place closure and/or removal of several underground storage tanks, and the removal of soils contaminated with hazardous materials.
  • Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessments at more than thirty (30) undeveloped and developed residential and commercial properties in New Jersey. Some of the commercial properties have included office buildings, a real estate agency, a lumber yard, a large butcher shop, a hardware store, a painting contractor, a general aviation airport and several small manufacturing facilities. Phase II activities have included sampling for asbestos, lead-based paints, radon, and urea formaldehyde.
  • Conducted an environmental assessment of a New Jersey facility involved in the manufacture of feather-stuffed pillows, quilts, and mattresses. Prepared the ECRA/ISRA Initial Notice, the Sampling and Analysis Plan, a site-specific Health and Safety Plan, and a Remediation Plan. Sampling and laboratory analysis included suspect asbestos-containing building materials, soil and groundwater. Leak testing of underground fuel storage tank. Preparation of specifications, selection of contractors, and supervision of remedial actions, including tank removal, soil and groundwater cleanup and asbestos removal.
  • Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Investigation at a New Jersey Airport for a banking firm. Scope of work included sampling for radon, asbestos, lead-based paints, contaminated soil due to surface stains and soil sampling to determine tank integrity for ten (10) active and inactive underground storage tanks.
  • Conducted asbestos survey at a passenger station for a New Jersey rail transportation organization. Prepared specifications for the asbestos abatement monitoring conducted while the station remained in full operation.
  • Conducted Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a New Jersey site prior to a roadway construction project. Phase II investigative activities included confirmatory asbestos sampling and soil sampling to delineate contamination associated with surface stains and underground storage tanks.
  • Designed and supervised the development of a site investigation and remediation program for a New Jersey transportation company. Prepared Remedial Investigation and Remedial Action Work Plan to address environmental concerns at a rail yard. The program included delineation of soil and groundwater contamination, and pumping tests to obtain hydrogeologic data for design of a treatment system. Developed an integrated strategy for recovery and monitoring well placement and managed engineering staff in design and installation of a groundwater treatment system. Also worked closely with the client and NJDEP to resolve NJDEP permit issues regarding the discharge of treated groundwater.
  • Performed aquifer tests in support of a Water Allocation Permit application to NJDEP-BWA for a New Jersey metals refining facility. Prepared hydrogeological report, permit application, and supporting documentation for permit, which was approved.
  • Designed and conducted a passive soil vapor survey for a New Jersey manufacturing facility, followed by installation of interior borings to collect soil and groundwater samples in order to investigate potential migration pathways and to delineate chlorinated solvent contamination of soil and groundwater under a building.
  • Supervised monitoring well investigation to determine distribution of free product at a former rail yard for a New Jersey transportation company.
  • Performed a Preliminary Assessment under ISRA for a former specialty chemical manufacturing facility. Work involved site reconnaissance, interviews with former site personnel and local officials, and records review. Resulted in a “No Further Action” (NFA) determination by NJDEP.
  • Conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment of a New Jersey metal forming plant. Investigation revealed significant impact below building that had been missed by previous consultants. Subsequently conducted extensive soil and groundwater investigation showing no remaining source for contamination of groundwater remains. Obtained closure of most soil AOCs. Conducting soil background investigation that includes geophysical investigation to target sample locations and groundwater monitoring program for the site.
  • Conducted a remedial investigation for a former metal plating facility in New Jersey under ISRA. Soil and groundwater had been impacted by metals and chlorinated VOCs. Used groundwater and soil sampling results to show that much of the metals contamination was due to historic fill, and VOC contamination was due to offsite sources.
  • Conducted site-wide investigation under ECRA/ISRA of a former flexible packaging facility. Responded to releases of fuel oil and toluene into nearby surface waters. Removed two (2) large tank farms and addressed all soil contamination to the satisfaction of the NJDEP. Delineated groundwater contamination in fractured bedrock. Designed, installed, and operated a large-scale groundwater pump and treat system to address the fuel oil and toluene contamination. Conducted step drawdown and constant rate pumping tests on a series of recovery wells. Work also involved hydrofracturing wells located in fractured bedrock to improve recovery. Interpreted test data to determine effect of fracturing on recovery. Subsequently conducted groundwater modeling of fate and transport of contaminants to successfully justify cessation of active remediation and to evaluate potential migration paths for contamination potentially migrating from offsite.
  • Conducted investigation for former owner of manufacturing facility. Previous investigation had been mishandled by former consultant. Worked closely with the NJDEP and new owner of site to show how extensive site redevelopment had changed site conditions. Installation and sampling of limited monitoring well network showed no groundwater contamination. Provided information to the NJDEP that was able to show adequacy of previous soil excavation, which avoided a potentially extensive re-investigation effort. This included extensive review of work conducted in the late 1980s and early 1990s, as well as plant records. Performance of a limited soil excavation has resulted in NFA under ISRA.
  • Prepared series of Remedial Action Progress Reports for a former New Jersey manufacturing facility, documenting performance of a treatment system for groundwater contaminated by chlorinated solvents. Used groundwater modeling and pumping test data to calculate capture zone of the recovery system and demonstrate protection of a sensitive receptor to the NJDEP.
  • Conducted a remedial investigation and prepared a Remedial Action Workplan for soil contaminated by hydraulic oil for a New Jersey metal-forming facility. Investigation involved the installation of trenches and borings inside an operating facility, which was completed without disrupting operations. Project also included recommendations for prevention of further oil contamination via application of an advanced coating to a machine sump in floor.